Part O of the Building Regulations mandates that newly developed residential properties must be built to prevent overheating.

The thermal design is usually aimed at keeping a house warm through winter and is often the primary design focus. However, with the effects of climate change it is important to consider overheating and design for this eventuality.

With our expertise in conducting detailed thermal analysis and designing solutions to meet these standards, we can help you achieve compliance.

Cass Allen offer project reviews at different stages of design and can help find solutions and options to assist with project completion and not just highlight issues.

Overheating Risk Assessment

An early-stage assessment of the initial development design will be reviewed against Part O and local planning policy. The assessment highlights any areas of potential risk and proposes mitigation methods. Compliance can be greatly impacted by factors such as site location, orientation, bedroom positions, and glazing design.

The earlier these risks can be identified and mitigated through design, the less disruption to the project and the smoother the process. There is also potential to help to identify cost implications due to Part O and target these early on. Often sub-optimal solutions are relied upon as the issues are only discovered in the later stages.

Detailed Overheating Assessment

Complete detailed assessment of the proposed development carried out in accordance with TM59 & Part O, and any extra local planning policies. The final report will be suitable for planning approval and building control sign Off. This ensures that any design work carried out to meet planning will not require further changes to meet building control.

We will identify risks and propose mitigation methods to the design team and work alongside them to ensure coordinated compliance. In addition, it can be used as a value engineering tool to assess whether certain solutions are required across all dwellings or if they can be omitted in certain circumstances.


House-Type Review Assessment

An in-depth assessment of a range of different house types with the goal of securing a design that works across the country. Helps achieve a scheme that can be rolled out with the security of knowing it will be compliant. Designs are modelled in multiple orientations and assessed against various site locations and weather files to investigate all possible variations.

These assessments can be used to identify different strategies for different areas of the country to help guide a rollout plan or to create a uniform design that can be built anywhere. Hypothetical potential noise restrictions can be added to simulate the consequent effects of complicated acoustic environments.


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