Air Quality & Odour

Our Air Quality and Odour division is focused on providing pragmatic and helpful advice during the planning, design and construction phases of your development.

We will assist you with regulators’ complex technical requirements and provide peace of mind.

We support residential, commercial, education, infrastructure, minerals and agriculture projects of all scales and the wide-ranging potential effects that these can entail.

Air Quality Assessment for Planning and Due Diligence

At both due diligence and planning stages, our task is to demonstrate the suitability of the site for development, both in terms of the exposure of future occupants to baseline conditions, and the potential impacts of the development itself on local air quality, including sensitive human receptors and ecological designated sites.

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Odour Assessment

Being largely subjective, the assessment of odour impacts is a unique challenge that we relish. We use a range of qualitative and quantitative assessment tools to achieve our clients’ goals, and our staff have had their olfactory sensitivity calibrated to add weight to our odour surveying capabilities. Our odour expertise has wide ranging functions, including planning application support, complaints investigation and as a tool alongside air quality monitoring for the investigation of potential health impacts from industrial and land remediation activities, and in the indoor environment.


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Construction Phase Assessment

Assessment of construction phase dust and particulate matter emissions is generally required where any significant demolition or construction activities will take place within 350m of other sensitive uses. Our assessments consider the potential for nuisance, human health and ecological smothering effects and recommend an appropriate level of mitigation to avoid significant residual effects. We can provide a tailored Dust Management Plan, suitable for inclusion within a Construction Environmental Management Plan, in order to satisfy the local planning authority, and de-risk the developer.

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Emissions Mitigation Strategy

With a growing push from regulators to achieve air quality neutral, or even air quality positive status, it is often a requirement to show how effective mitigation has been incorporated into development design to achieve the best possible outcomes for air quality. Our understanding of local policy and guidance simplifies this process, and we can provide concise technical documents to highlight in what manner air quality considerations have influenced scheme design, as well as detailing the necessary calculations and policy considerations. We can also advise on ways to reduce the exposure of future occupants to poor air quality, in order to make sensitive development feasible in areas with high levels of pollution.

Indoor Air Quality

As the exposure of the public to outdoor air pollution has long been the focus of the discipline, concentrations of the key pollutants have reduced. This has led to is an increasing emphasis from policy makers and practitioners on indoor air quality, with recognition of the influence this has on people’s health, wellbeing and productivity, particularly given that we spend most of our lives indoors.

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Air Quality Monitoring

In addition to monitoring dust and particulate matter during construction, we provide a suite of air quality monitoring services for specific client requirements, or to supplement the above assessment areas. These include personal and static, pumped and passive sampling of gases, particles and odour in both indoor and outdoor environments. Results are compared with relevant air quality standards; and advice is provided, where necessary, to the best practicable means of mitigating any identified impacts.


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05 Jun 2023

Our Air Quality division is expanding!

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