Our Air Quality division is expanding!

We are delighted to have to added Air Quality to our array of expertise and celebrate a successful 6 months with our Technical Director Paul Hayward. We have been busy with a wide range of assessments, including dispersion modelling of vehicle emissions, emissions mitigation assessments and odour surveys and assessments, across a variety of projects from small residential to large infrastructure and employment schemes across the UK.

Our amazing start has enabled us to expand the team and welcome Hazel Swinfen as Air Quality Consultant. Hazel brings a wealth of experience across air quality, dust and odour and is excited to help shape the Air Quality team at Cass Allen and get stuck into the wide variety of projects that come our way.

Now more than ever, air quality is a vital consideration for the health and well-being of any development and community. Whilst great strides have been made in this area, greater scrutiny from regulators makes vital the support we provide to our clients to achieve their planning and design objectives.

We have extensive experience in residential, commercial, education, infrastructure, minerals and agriculture projects of all scales and valuable knowledge of the wide-ranging potential effects that these can entail.

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