Our Sectors

Acoustic design is a key part in almost any type of development whether that is to provide restful accommodation, fit-for-purpose venues or productive workspaces. We have extensive experience in a wide variety of sectors helping to meet statutory and quality design requirements and would be pleased to assist on your project.


We advise some of the largest housebuilders and housing associations on how to achieve acoustics requirements in the most cost-effective manner.

Offices & Commercial

The acoustic design of offices and commercial spaces plays a crucial role in effective communication and productivity.


We have advised both Educational Authorities and also Main Contractors across a wide range of schools and further education facilities.

Entertainment and Leisure

Acoustic design plays a crucial role in the successful operation of entertainment and leisure facilities, particularly when they are in close proximity to residents.


We are experienced in designing to this document and have advised Healthcare Authorities and Main Contractors across a range of medical and laboratory facilities.


We have extensive experience of the acoustic design and testing of all styles of hotel from large multinational chains to independent boutique hotels.

Industrial and Infrastructure

The impact of noise from industrial and infrastructure developments has the potential to significantly affect nearby residents' amenities.