Rainfall noise putting a damper on your day?

Noise from rain is often overlooked in the design of new buildings however it can significantly impact the final use. Lightweight or glass roof constructions can lead to high internal noise levels during periods of heavy rain which in turn can lead to disturbed sleep, interruption in concentration or difficulty in communicating.

Some national guidance exists regarding acceptable rainfall noise levels for healthcare and educational developments. However, there is no guidance for rainfall noise affecting residential and commercial developments despite the potential to significantly impact on the occupants’ amenity.

It can be seen from the table that some constructions represent a high risk of adverse rain noise impact. In these cases we would recommend that an acoustic design assessment is carried out. Generally speaking, remedial measures for these constructions may include:

  • Increasing the mass of the layers or glazing panes
  • Adding additional separation and/ or fibrous insulation into the construction
  • Adding a resilient materials to the upper layers (e.g. grass, gravel or specialist products)

Every case is different however so if you have any concerns about rainfall noise for one of your sites please get in touch with us.

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