How loud can you drive?

This month we were kindly invited to Paragon Interiors Group’s annual golf day at The Nottinghamshire Golf and Country Club and we thought it would be a bit of fun to run a competition to find out who could hit their ball the loudest.

A sound level meter was set up on the course to measure the maximum noise level during competitors’ drives at a distance of approximately 1m.

It was a very wet day, but despite the rain, there was no shortage of competitors to take on the challenge. Some interesting tactics were employed, with golfers selecting specific clubs and balls to try and make the loudest sound possible.

The worthy winner of the competition was Sam Wynn from Pulse Associates with a drive measuring a whopping 108 dBA. For reference, 108 dBA is about the same noise level you would hear during a sonic boom. Sam won himself a nice pair of Sony Wireless Headphones.

The full results of the measurements are shown below. There was a large variation in the measured levels with an average of around 97 dBA.

We found that the type of club and the strength of the shot were big factors in the measured noise level. The highest measured levels tended to also be very clean, powerful shots, although a few mishits also recorded very high levels!

Think you can hit a louder shot? Let us know when your next corporate golf day is and we will happily come along to find out!

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